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Why Listen To Me?

Like you, I was stuck.  On the surface I was successful. My glitter covered my shit very nicely. But day after day I faced a man in the mirror that I didn’t love.  I spent 20 years and over $100,000 trying to figure it all out. I tried all the usual remedies. Some worked for a moment. Most failed and left me feeling hopeless. I listened to self-help gurus. I read books by millennials that thought their life was over because they weren’t millionaires by 28. Then I came to a realization. I had no idea who I really was.  That began my deep, uncomfortable journey into myself. I discovered that for lasting change to happen you have to tear away formalities and common knowledge and dive deep. Over the last four years I transcended my existence. Along the way I created a purpose-driven program that rebuilt my life at the core on 3 levels.  I've had the opportunity to share my program with several professional men and I’ve seen the change and joy it has brought to their lives. My hope is to do the same for you.